ICELAND GUIDE: Seljalandfoss, Dyrholahey and Vik

longhijWe booked our car with This meant that we didn’t have to pay using a credit card. Otherwise all Icelandic rental companies will require it. We used a standard debit card and instead paid a big cash deposit. The deposit amount will depend on the cost and size of the car. We also opted for a full insurance as Icelandic weather can be very unpredictable and rental companies usually charge huge amounts of money for minor things. This made us feel much safer and freer when driving on the Ring road. Indigocarhire then contacted the real Icelandic car rental company called Route 1. They sent us a confirmation email where we could send them the address of pick up (they pick you up for free anywhere in central Reykjavik!). We signed the papers, showed driving license and off we went!

It took us about 1.5-2 hours to get to Seljalandfoss, as we made a few stops on the way. Seljalandfoss is one of the many waterfalls in Iceland. It is beautiful of course, but count on becoming soaking wet and when you are standing there in below zero degrees…let’s just say it is tough! Make sure you are wearing something waterproof and take an umbrella with you (we didn’t – silly us!). You could walk around behind it for some more beautiful shots, but as it was in the middle of winter and we were freezing to death, the front photos were enough for us before we ran back to the car.  Uggs are not the appropriate wear here unless you are wearing the water resistant ones. They were otherwise excellent at keeping cold out and I hardly wore any other shoes whilst in Iceland. There is another waterfall literally 5-10 minutes away from Seljalandfoss but we were just too cold so we continued to drive towards Vik.

Just before Vik, there’s a place called Dyrholahey. It has a light house, beautiful view of the landscape and of the nearby black sand beach called Reynisfjara. You have to drive up a mountain which you need a good car for as it is off-road. It was no problem with our Ciara Picasso but it did feel unsteady at times, not gonna lie. We then continued to Vik. Vik is usually famous for its beach and the puffin birds however, for us it was just a pitstop towards our next destination which were the ice caves in Skaftafell national park. We got up early hours of the morning and made the long drive there. The road can be icy and deceiving if you aren’t used to the snowy weather. For this reason I’d recommend a bigger and heavier car, like a jeep. Even with that car, we got stuck in a storm where the whole car was shaking and it became difficult driving. , That should give you an idea of how treacherous the weather can be. Unfortunately, this storm stopped all the ice-caving tours!! Instead, we walked around on the grounds of the national park and around the glacier itself which was stunning. We then drove back to a restaurant nearby where we ate before heading back to our guest house for the night, which was in Hunkubakkar.

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