ICELAND GUIDE: Jokulsarlon, Kerid and Blue Lagoon


We stayed the night in a guesthouse nearby (Hunkubakkur) and went to the scenic area of Fjardljugfjur. It was so serene and beautiful with stunning views of the landscape.

We continued down to Jokullsarlon (a glacier lagoon) which was jam packed with tourists. You could take a boat tour which I can imagine would be amazing but we weren’t keen as we had a long drive back. On the way back down, we stopped at Fjallsarlon which is a smaller version but quieter, snapped a few photos before making the journey back via Selfoss. We stayed the night here in this beautiful guesthouse.

The next morning, we enjoyed the breakfast and view of the sunrise offered at the Guesthouse called Bitra, one of my favourite guesthouses.  We headed towards Kerid, which is a volcano-lagoon before continuing on to Reykjavik to attend the walking tour which you have to book in for in advance on ( Our guide was very friendly and knowledgeable and gave good insight to the life of the Icelandic people – too bad we did it on the last day!


We then had to rush to our appointment in the infamous Blue Lagoon. The lagoon is extremely busy and you have to book online well in advance – you will find that this is the trick to most things in Iceland – organise everything before getting here for things to go as smoothly as possible. They also don’t like cash payments and everything is done pretty much electronically. We could only get an evening appointment at sunset which initially I wasn’t keen on but came to enjoy. I can imagine a lot of the magic disappearing during the day time. It would essentially would just feel like a massive heated up pool with lots of people. A visit here is just one of those things that you have to do.


The only good picture I managed to get here

On the way back to our accommodation we used the Icelandic aurora borealis prediction pages ( some people book onto Aurora tours and apparently if you can’t see it, they take you back out the next day but as we weren’t keen on spending a whole night chasing possible aurora lights which we could do for free ourselves later at night, we didn’t sign up for one. We also had limited nights in Reykjavik.

They had pointed out an area which we drove to whilst awaiting the northern lights I completer darkness. Unfortunately, we never saw the aurora borealis but we did manage to snap a few beautiful night pictures anyway. After a few hour sleep, we drove to the airport and dropped the car off before catching our flight back to London. We flew with wowair which was similar to easyjet, but a bit more expensive.


I’m usually not the one to go for vacations to colder places, but it was really nice to go to Iceland. I really enjoyed it and would like to return, especially in the Summer, to be able to enjoy the beauty of this place properly.


Over and out, XO.


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